Engagement party

You know those moments that you just want to savour, when you look around the room in awe at how fortunate you are and how fabulous life is?

Our engagement party was a night full of those ‘pinch yourself’ moments, fits of laughter, deep and meaningful conversations, glasses of bubbly and a whole bunch of love in the air.


We gathered our closest friends and family in one of your favourite local cafes, Blackboard, ate delicious veggo food and were well looked after by all the staff who kept the drinks flowing and the guests happy.

The evening flew by so fast that I felt like I barely got a chance to chat to everyone, let alone spend any time together as a couple, and even when it was all over we just didn’t want to leave!


Despite my excitement, anxiety took over when it came to organising, and I was quite intimidated at the thought of decorating the room.  Thankfully Blackboard just naturally looks great so I kept things simple with some candles in little mason jars (available from The Spring Shop) and flowers in larger jars, in bunches tied with twine.


With a wonderful girlfriend in tow, we headed to the flower markets on the morning of, but we weren’t really blown away by any of the flowers available.  We eventually spotted some sad looking bunches of poppies, with barely any open flowers and most of the delicate blooms crushed and destroyed.

The florist helpfully offered her expertise and let us know that placing the closed up poppies out in the sunshine would help them to open, so we took the chance and sat outside for a couple of hours catching up and watching with joy as the little pods opened to reveal the most beautiful of flowers.



By the end of the night my cheeks were sore from all the smiling and laughter, and we watched on with joy as our friends and family mingled and got to know each other better.  And of course one of my personal highlights was listening to my future husband (!) make a speech surrounded by our loved ones.


Cosmo even got dressed up for the occasion – but he got left at home and missed the celebrations!


After all the stress about the event it went off without a hitch and I had much more fun than I thought I would! Popping another bottle of bubbly at 4am was never a good idea but I suppose a once in a lifetime celebration makes it worth dealing with a sore head the following day!


Photos taken by: Kris and other family and friends

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